Book Signing at The Bulldog Grille – Amityville, NY

Book Signing

About Gene Hilgreen

Gene Hilgreen lives in Lindenhurst, NY with his faithful companion Millie a rescued Border collie. He spent thirty years in Information Technology and ITGC security audit. Now retired, he writes suspense thrillers and monthly short stories for The Writers 750 Group on Goodreads. As an ex-gymnast and freestyle skier, he lived on the edge with a devil-may-care attitude. He has authored Dragon at 1600, the first of a series in which he relives his rebellious past through his protagonist Buck Axele Davidssen—a protector of the Constitution—who reports only to God and Old Glory. In First of Jules, his second series—he spins off Jules Spenser—a prodigy child, who follows in Grandpa Buck’s footsteps. First of Jules is now available at and on Amazon. Look for the sequel Second Chances in 2018. Writing didn’t come easy for Gene, and becoming a published author was a pipe dream. Saddled with the moniker Dutch D Hilgreen in college, it was once said, “Good thing you write on a computer, because if you wrote with a pen you’d hurt yourself.” What was once a blank stage now explodes with color—living, breathing, and awaking all the senses.
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